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COMPLETING THE CIRCLE It is not often that one gets a chance to express heartfelt gratitude but, I think I am lucky to have been given this chance.  …Read More

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“Health care is not just medical care. Medical care is one of the components of what you all are doing. Actually healthcare is medical care, education and nutrition. …more

Free Registration IACTS SCORE 2019

The Department of Cardiac Surgery is conducting IACTS SCORE 2019 dated 2nd & 3rd March at SSSIHMS – WFD ,Bengaluru.





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CME on Clinical Cardiology SPEED-2019

SPEED 2019 ANNOUCEMENT AIM   ASPIRE   ACHIEVE Welcome to the 6th  Edition of SPEED 2019 this time [...]
Visit of Noble Peace Prize Laureate 2015 to SSSIHMS

Visit of Noble Peace Prize Laureate 2015 to SSSIHMS

Madam Ouided Bouchamaoui, Noble Peace Prize co-laureate 2015 from Tunisia visited SSSIHMS, White[...]
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Radiology Department at RSNA 2018

Radiology Department at RSNA 2018 With blessings of Bhagawan, the Radiology Department will have a [...]


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