Outpatient Services

The Cardiology OPD is equipped with 2 Philips 3D Colour Dopplers with Transthoracic and Transoesophageal probes, 2 Case 8000 GE Marquette Treadmill Stress Systems, 2 Defibrillators, a Zymed 1810 Holter unit and a Philips Pagewriter ECG unit.

Inpatient Services

The Cardiology Department has 1 Siemens Biplane Cathlab and 1 Philips FD 10 monoplane Cathlab, with a provision to expand to 4 in due course. They are supplemented with EPMed systems for EP Studies. The 36-bedded Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) is equipped with high-end patient monitors, Echo and ECG Machines, Ventilators, Intra Aortic Balloon Pumps, Defibrillators, portable X-Ray imagers, Witt haemodynamic recorders for pressure monitoring, and Infusion Pumps.

Hospital Information Systems

Cardiology Department harnesses the power of information technology to enhance the quality of care to our patients. Our hospital information system (e-HIS), is used by doctors actively to access the patient’s old electronic medical records, place test orders and view results. In addition, all medical images (Echo, CT, MRI, X-Ray) are viewed, shared and archived on Fuji PACS and Echocardiogram image management software-Echoview from Matrix View.


The Cardiology Department employs Telemedicine technologies to offer consultation services to patients staying thousands of miles away. This facility is used routinely to follow-up operated patients from these regions, saving them the hassle of travel and stay in Bangalore. Patients are called for a review or consultation to the hospital only when absolutely necessary.

Counselling and post-procedural rehabilitation

The counselling department interacts with the patients prior to and immediately after their procedure to ensure that healing occurs at not merely the physical, but also the emotional and spiritual dimensions.
Even after the patients return to their villages and towns, doctors from their respective regions who are part of the hospital’s holistic rehab program are available to ensure that the patients are compliant with the instructions on diet, medication and lifestyle modifications.

Siemens Artis Zee Biplane Cath Lab

Cardiac Cath in progress


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