BSc Anesthesia Technology

The role of the Anaesthesia Technologist is to support the work done by the professional anesthesia personnel. Anaesthesia Technologists are responsible for managing the anesthesia equipment and for its proper maintenance.
Depending on individual expert ise and t raining, the task of the Anaesthesia Technologist may include equipment maintenance and servicing such as cleaning, sterilizing, assembling, calibrat ing and testing, troubleshooting, requisitioning and recording of inspections and maintenance. They may operate a variety of mechanical, pneumatic and electronic equipment used to monitor, evaluate and manage the patient undergoing anesthesia.

Annually four students are selected to undergo B.Sc.Anaestheisia Technology under the aegis of RGUHS. Students excel in their performance by securing distinctions and University 1st Ranks

Details about admission can be found in this page.

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