Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine

SSSIHMS offers a Fellowship program in Critical Care Medicine from July 2012. Professionals who are qualified in MD/DNB Anaesthesia are eligible for this course. This course will be conducted under the aegis of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. There are no costs incurred from the trainee to the Institution towards the course. However, fees payable to the University will be applicable and will be borne by the trainee. Selected candidates will be paid Stipend at par with senior residents in this institute.


The goal of the Fellowship program in Critical care medicine is to provide the fellows with adequate knowledge and practical exposure so that they develop proficiency in the management of all aspects of Critical care medicine of both adult and pediatric patients.

CCM fellows are expected to advance their knowledge of critical care medicine through a concentrated exposure to critically ill patients belonging to Neuro critical care, cardiac critical care, Coronary care units and post operative cardiac/neuro intensive care units. Fellows may also be given peripheral postings in areas not available at SSSIHMS e.g trauma CCM etc.

The goals can be summarized into three components:

  1. To inculcate quest for knowledge and willingness to learn new techniques and advancements in the field of Critical care medicine and also participate in research/dissertation work.
  2. To provide an intimate relationship with experienced ICU attending who can help translate that knowledge into clinical skill. Fellows are also expected to learn how to convey knowledge/skill, and become teachers of their specialty. Lastly, they are also expected to acquire skills with regard to the management of an ICU and the triage of critically ill patients Help the fellows to develop the learning skills necessary for a lifelong career in the critical care medicine specialty through application of the basic sciences.
  3. To encourage commitment towards maintaining and improving quality of patient care and safety following the principles of ideal health care system by delivery of care at Body, mind and Soul levels.

Fellowship Program in Critical care Medicine

Name of course



Admission Session


Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine

MD/DNB Anaesthesia

18 Months

July/Aug 2015

Rs. 35,000 /-

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